Rideau has continued its commitment to the environment through its dedicated environmental body: EcoAction.

EcoAction has already put into place numerous measures to ensure Rideau reduces its ecological footprint.

Rideau has received Tree Canada’s Eterne Award for exemplifying superior environmental citizenship. This award was named “Eterne” to acknowledge the vitality and everlasting nature of trees and forests. It is awarded to companies who consistently show financial support and demonstrate enthusiasm for Tree Canada’s cause, marketing and brand recognition.

Since partnering with Tree Canada, Rideau has planted over 100,000 native trees and made major contributions to Tree Canada’s “National Greening Program”.

Rideau Recognition Solutions innovated the use of tree planting as a key component in many of its employee recognition programs. Michael Rosen, Tree Canada’s President said “The creativity and leadership which Rideau has shown typifies what it means to be an Eterne Award winner. Because they are experts in their field, recognizing Canada’s leading recognition company may not have been the easiest thing to do, but as soon as we show the wonderful messages we receive from employees for the trees planted in their name, and mention that Rideau has been responsible for the planting of thousands of native trees throughout Canada, selecting Rideau for this award was easy!”

Rideau has recently been certified to Level 2 – Mise en oeuvre by the Recyc-Québec program, which seeks to recognize establishments that conserve our environment’s resources. The certification is awarded to companies that have achieved a high standard of reducing, reusing and valuing of waste products. Rideau now recovers 90.5% of its recoverable waste material.

Rideau was one of the first companies in Canada to sign the United Nations Global Compact. Its main goal is to encourage businesses to adhere to its ten principles, focusing on human rights, labor, environment and anti- corruption.

Rideau manufactures many of our own awards and they contain karat gold or are gold electroplated. Because of this, Rideau has signed on to No Dirty Gold, a voluntary campaign that encourages its participants to re-examine gold and metal sourcing, and promotes responsible mining worldwide.

Rideau supports the initiatives of the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) and encourages program recipients to learn more about the end-of-life electronics recycling program which ensures electronics are handled in a secure and environmentally-sound manner.

Rideau’s environmental programs are dedicated to educating our employees as well as our client’s recipients on environmental issues and fostering an ecologically responsible lifestyle at work and at home. This is not just altruism, research has shown that corporate social responsibility is a key driver of employee engagement. Rideau believes the environment is everyone’s responsibility and will continue to reduce its ecological footprint.