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A recognition opportunity not to be missed is your company’s Milestone Recognition awards.  A Milestone Recognition award says thank you for an employee’s commitment and dedication to your mission. It celebrates longevity and declares that employee retention is an important value to your company.

At Rideau, we pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of innovation with respect to all of our recognition programs.  Milestone Recognition awards are perhaps the oldest form of company to employee recognition but there are still many new ideas and concepts that can be applied to an employee milestone program.  These include:

Onboarding Recognition – Getting new employees acclimated to a company’s culture is a rich endeavor which can pay dividends for an employee’s entire career.

Recognition Advisor – Recognition will not go unnoticed with our automated advisories.

Logo Identification & Application – Rideau has responded to the changing workforce by offering more creative ways to highlight the significance of one’s years of service.

Rideau has developed numerous tools to help support and encourage managers to use recognition more effectively.

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