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Encouraging a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

Recognizing All Aspects of Employee Well-Being

Encouraging wellness in your work force is one of the keys to unlocking a more productive and energized team of employees.  A Health & Wellness program, which encourages employees to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, will translate itself into lower absenteeism, higher productivity, and sustainable loyalty.


Innovative health engagement platform to improve employee health, well-being and engagement which leads to improved work culture, productivity, teamwork, and reductions in absenteeism and turnover.


Combine mobile, gamification, social AND health content in one application that results in high participation and significant change in lifestyle habits.

VISTANCE® Wellness allows companies to create short sprint, 30 day Health & Wellness employee challenges that leverage the power of health tracking, social networking, and gamification to optimize participation.

All of our health challenges provide a fun structure, accountability and positive social reinforcement to help people easily achieve their health goals.